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around Oxford, England, UK

I saw interesting graffiti all around Oxford, but the little orange guy is by far my favorite.  He’s on Longwall (Road?  Street?  I forget), which is a name you can take literally.  I heard that the wall along Longwall was one of the original city limits.

To anyone who isn’t afraid of heights (I actually am, although not like Jimmy Stewart in Vertigo by any means), I’d really suggest paying 2.3 pounds to climb Carfax Tower.  I think anything from a bird’s eye view was taken on top of Carfax.

Unfortunately, to get up there, you have to climb a small, winding staircase.  I found it really unpleasant, especially going down, and it wasn’t even rainy that day (so the stairs weren’t slippery or anything).  It is also somewhat humorous to look at their pricing, which is 2.3 pounds for adults, seniors, and students.  They list those prices separately because they’re obviously aware that some places price differentiate, but I suppose they wanted to make it clear they don’t.

Except in the case of children, who I think get a discount.  I’m not entirely sure why.  Because the last thing I want while I’m going downstairs is impatient and hyper children.

update: The little orange guy is gone.  :(

photos by thisoysterismyhometown

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