Meat Grinder Reviews

The best meat grinder reviews provide detailed information on the advantages and disadvantages of specific grinders. These reviews can help potential buyers make an informed decision on which grinder will satisfy their particular needs.  For more info on meat grinders, you can visit:

LEM Products .75 HP Meat Grinder

LEM Products is one of the leading brands of electric meat grinders. This brand provides high quality electric meat grinders. LEM offers customers with a peace of mind in the form of a 2-year factory warranty. Although the LEM Products .75 boasts less horsepower than other models, the grinder still offers a strong performance. The .75 weighs only 47 lbs and grind close to 360 lbs of meat per hour. There are also several accessories included with the LEM Products.


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Features include a built-in circuit breaker, stainless motor housing, and roller bearings in all metal gears. The stainless housing guarantees a corrosion-free motor. The grinder incorporates a heavy-duty handle for easy moving. The .75 has a Stainless steel auger, head, and knife. The meat pan measures 11 ½” x 2 ¼” x 8 ½”. The coarse plate is also Stainless steel and it measures 3/8”. This grinder comes packaged with a stuffing plate and a fine plate measures. There is also a meat stomper and 3 stuffing tubes that measure 3/8”, ¾”, and1 ¼”.

The packaging includes instructions that are easy to understand and straightforward. The grinder is reasonably priced and is more than affordable even on a tight budget. Another good feature of the LEM Products .75 model is the increased portability.

STX-3000 Turboforce Meat Grinder Reviews

The STX Turboforce offers 3000 watts of output power and comes standard with a No.12 size grinding head. This is a quality grinder in terms of both price and functionality. Most grinders come standard with a smaller size No.5 or No.8 grinding head. The STX 3000 is manufactured using 100% polished food grade aluminum.

The Turboforce has 3 different grind settings for coarse, medium, and fine cuts of meat. These settings include reverse, high, and low. This grinder easily grinds all types of vegetables and meat. The STX 3000 is easy to assemble and easy to clean after use. The Turboforce incorporates a generous 4 inch meat funnel feeder opening.


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The STX 3000 includes a Kubbe Attachment, a set of 3 different sized sausage tubes, 3 Stainless Steel cutting blades, and 3 different sized tempered steel grinding plates. The grinding plate with the large holes offers a coarse grind. The grinding plate with the medium holes offers a medium grind. The grinding plate with the small holes offers a fine grind.

The grinder is packaged with 3 different cutting blades that match the grinding plate so they create a matching set. When the cutting blade and the grinding plate are matched; the cutting blades remain sharper and the grind of meat is much faster as well as more precise. Although the Turboforce is somewhat more expensive than other grinders, it is worth the investment.

On a Final Note

Personally, the LEM and the STX - 300 Turboforce are the best meat grinder available on the market right now. I do hope that my meat grinder reviews will help you chose the perfect one for your needs. Till my next post, take care everyone!

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